Our Core Services

Data Centre

  • Server / Storage / Networking / Wifi / TPM
  • Design and Implementation

Data Management

  • Consultation, Backup, Risk
  • Design, supply, and Implementation

Cyber Security

  • Consultation and analysis
  • Design, Supply, and Implementation

Audio/Visual Collaboration (AVC)

  • Consultation
  • Design, supply, and Implementation

Computer Equipment and Software

  • Supply chain and annuity


  • ISP / Communications / Cloud



Originally registered and trading as an IT partner to the SMME market in 1993 and lately working as a sales arm to some of the larger Enterprise organizations in the ICT sector, going forward WRC aims to provide that expertise and knowledge to its clients whilst partnering with leading Vendors and Distributors in the South African market.

With over 30 years in the industry, ranging from SMME to large corporate, a strong ethos around building relationships through trust and honesty, we create a culture with our clients that lead to mutual success.


You can find us at:


⬥+27 11 615 8958
⬥+27 84 850 7822