Cyber Security

Keeping you in safe hands


Our security oversight and coordination services, aimed at accountability, responsibility, reporting and improvement – oversight and management of the Information Security Function is an on-going responsibility. As the guardians of business critical information this teams performance is critical. We can add significant value to your work effort in helping craft a formal security mandate together with assigned roles and responsibilities, in addition to help you manage aspects of budgeting and competency development, we can also assist in promoting security awareness, manage security projects and facilitate security audits. In close collaboration with your team, our goal is to help answer the question: “How secure are we?”


Our portfolio of diagnostic security services, to evaluate prevailing threat conditions, risk, security competency and compliance-our undertaking is to help our customers articulate their Enterprise Risk Exposure using a proven metholod0gy. Gone are the days when an “annual risk assessment” was considered adequate in shaping your security program. We understand the need for adaptive, well-timed, executive decisions to combat rising incidents of cyber-crime. Our risk assessment methodology and practices are tightly integrated with global intelligent sources; internal and external threat conditions as well as intuitive metrics and measure to make sure your resources, processes and technologies are optimally applied to protect the business. 


Our solution design services including all aspects of security architecture in resources, policies, processes, technologies, and operating models-information security is complex and often costly responsibility involving many role-players. Leading practice frameworks offer meaningful guidance but the value offered by us is also including battle tested experience in knowing how to adapt those core principles and controls into a well-defined Information Security Operating Model. Our services include consultative input on security services and functions, teams, policies, processes, architecture, technology, governance, communication and performance measurement to name but a few. Ultimately, our goal is to help you demonstrate the value-add of effective information security to the sustainability and bottom line of the business.


Implementation and optimization services to integrate security competencies into a single enterprise security management system-many business leaders have expressed their frustration at what they perceive as the “fear, uncertainty and doubt” used by security professionals to justify their not-allowed-here approach to business. We believe our mandate is to find innovative ways in which to enable the business whilst reducing risk. This is difficult but possible. Our Enablement Services will help you get the most out of your technology and scarce resources. We can help you streamline security processes for maximum efficiency and to such an extent that security is recognized as a key success factor to the sustainability of your business.


Our Management Security Services designed as turnkey solutions and delivered in accordance with formal Service Level Agreements-every one of our Operational or Managed Services offerings is intended to promote a real-time, situational awareness of your security posture. Through our monitoring  and alerting services, threat intelligent feeds, vulnerability and compliance management as well as incident response capabilities, we help our customers deal with immanent and constantly evolving threats by tracking those security metrics that matter the most. Because our success is determined by the degree to which your controls measures meet pre-defined business requirements, see our mission is to help you develop an agile security competency without compromising on those fundamental disciples without which no security program can succeed.  

What do customers buy from us?

  • Red-team/Blue-team Simulations
  • Threat and Risk Assessments 
  • Legal/Regulatory Compliance Assessments
  • Best Practice Compliance Assessments
  • Penetration Testing
  • Vulnerability Scanning
  • Security, Measurements, Metrics and Reporting
  • BCM and DR Planning and Testing
  • Application Security & Code Review
  • Specialist Resource Competency Testing
  • Forensic Investigations
  • Threat Intelligent Services
  • Security Architecture Development
  • Security Strategy Development
  • Security Policy Development
  • Cloud Security Migration
  • Data Classification and Asset Management 
  • Security Research & Technology Evaluation
  • Technology Provisioning and Enablement
  • Strategy and Project Implementation
  • Security Awareness and Program Management
  • Cybersecurity Specialist Training
  • SOC Design and Enablement
  • Orchestration, Automation & Response
  • Security Team Building & Optimization
  • Resourcing & Staff Augmentation
  • Standard Operating Procedures
  • Situational Awareness Management
  • Threat hunting and Special Operations
  • Insider Threat Program Management
  • Threat Monitoring and Incident Response
  • Endpoint Protection as a Service
  • Security Awareness Program Management
  • Vulnerability Management as a Service
  • Data Loss Prevention as a Service
  • Asset and Patch Management as a Service
  • Perimeter Security as a Service
  • Web Security as a Service
  • Identity as a Service
  • Reporting, Visualization and Dashboarding
  • Mail Security as a Service


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